Blasting & Shot Peening Media, Mass Finishing Supplies, Mass Finishing & Parts Washing Compounds




ShapeDims (IN)Composition
Angle Cut Cylinder 30B1/811/321 1 11   
3/1611/321 1 11  1
5/169/161 11111  
7/1625/321 11111 1
5/81-1/8  11111 1
7/81-1/2   1111  
Angle Cut Cylinder 60B1/47/16  1 1    
5/169/16    1    
3/89/16  1 1    
Angle Cut Star 20B5/81/4    111  
7/85/16   1111  
1-1/83/8   1111  
Angle Cut Triangle 20B3/1615/16     1   
3/83/16  1 11   
5/83/16  11111  
7/85/16  1111111
1-1/85/16   111111
1-3/81/2   1111  
1-7/85/8   1111  
Cone3/81/2 1       
9/165/8 1       
11/163/4 1       
3/47/8    11   
Wedge5/83/4   1     
11-1/8  11     
1-1/21-5/8  11     
Angle Ellipse 20B9/1625/32  1      
3/41  1      
Pyramid1-1/41  1      
Tetrahedron1-1/41-1/4  1      
Additional shapes, sizes, and compositions are available upon request to meet customer requirements.
“PZ” – Ideal for Burnishing or Accelerated Chemical Deburring

An extremely heavy, high-density media that can replace steel media for burnishing. Increased weight decreases time cycles in acid process deburring. It weighs approximately 130 pounds per cubic foot and is cream in color.

“FB” – Very Fine Burnishing

A ceramic media which contains no abrasive.  Recommended for burnishing and polishing operations. This very hard and long-wearing media weighs approximately 85 pounds per cubic foot and is off-white in color.

“F” – Light Deburring and Burnishing

”F” media contains just the right amount of finely-sized aluminum oxide abrasives for light deburring. When used with proper compounds, it will impart a very desirable burnished or polished finish. It weighs approximately 85 pounds per cubic foot and is white in color.

“ECH” – Cutting and Fine Finishing

A general purpose pre-tumbled media containing aluminum oxide abrasive. Intended primarily for medium cut applications, it will leave a smooth surface finish because of the size of the abrasive grain. Economically priced, “ECH” media is extremely efficient when the amount of the metal removal is compared to media wear. It weighs approximately 90 pounds per cubic foot and is dark brown in color.

“C” – Cutting or Burnishing

”C” media contains a coarser-grained aluminum oxide abrasive. Its rate of metal cut compared to media wear makes it a very efficient media. When used with proper compounds, “C” media will also provide a burnished finish. It weighs approximately 85 pounds per cubic foot and is blue in color.

“XC” – Aggressive Cutting

This unusually aggressive media gets to work right away in the removal of heavy burrs, flash or scale. Since it is made with finely sized aluminum oxide abrasive, amazingly good finishes can be obtained. It weighs approximately 85 pounds per cubic foot and is greenish-grey in color.

“HE” – Aggressive Cutting and Large Equipment

Formulated for applications involving centrifugal force equipment and large cross-section vibrators. The aluminum oxide abrasive in this pre-tumbled media is blended with a hard ceramic body to increase durability and minimize fracturing. A very fast cutting composition, “HE” media weighs approximately 100 pounds per cubic foot and is tan in color.

“SC” – Especially Suited for Materials to be Welded, Brazed or Soldered

An aggressive cutting media which contains silicon carbide abrasive grain. It is recommended for use on parts that can have no aluminum oxide impregnation (usually parts which are to be welded, brazed or soldered). It weighs approximately 85 pounds per cubic foot and is white in color with blue specks.

“H” Super Fast Cutting

A tough, faster-cutting, longer-wearing, very efficient cutting media. “H” media contains aluminum oxide abrasive grain, weighs approximately 108 pounds per cubic foot and is gray in color.


ShapeSizeDimensions (IN)
Triangle BWH
Cone DH 
Pyramid BSH
Star P-PT 
Tetrahedron S  
Wedge BH 
“D10” – Fast cut w/ matte finish

General purpose media for removal of burrs, flash, die marks, and sharp edges.

“HR90” – Fast cut w/ bright low micro-inch finish

Surface preparation of parts requiring plating or buffing. Can eliminate a two-step process.

“HR100” – Medium cut w/ low micro-inch pre-plate finish

Surface preparation of parts requiring plating, buffing, or burnishing. Can eliminate a two-step process.

“HR200” – Mild cut w/ extremely low micro-inch pre-plate finish and reduced underhaze

Surface preparation of parts requiring plating, buffing, or burnishing.  Provides a smooth, reflective, clean finish.

“D150” – Most aggressive cut w/ matte finish

Removes surface imperfections, forms radii, blends sharp edges and parting lines.

“D154” – Fast cut w/ low micro-inch matte finish

For deburring and surface removal on ferrous and non-ferrous parts.  For short cycles and pre-plate finishes.

“D155” – Medium cut w/ bright low micro-inch finish

Surface preparation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Produces a bright pre-plate finish.

“D165” – Mild cut w/ bright low micro-inch pre-plate finish

Surface preparation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Produces a very bright pre-plate finish.

“D55” – Most aggressive cut w/ no aluminum oxide impregnation

Silicon carbide abrasive for deburring of ferrous parts.  Well suited for parts to be welded or braised.

“D30” – Very aggressive cut w/ matte finish

Removes machine lines and forms radii on hard metals.  Increased production through reduced cycle times.

“D20” – Fast cut w/ clean finish

White aluminum oxide abrasive for clean, bright finish on all metals.

“D50” – Mild cut w/ low micro-inch finish

Silicon carbide abrasive for low micro-inch finish on parts to be welded or braised.

“D3M” – Mild cut w/ very low micro-inch finish

Aluminum oxide abrasive for very low micro-inch finish where plating is not required.

“D70” – Extremely mild cut w/ very low micro-inch finish

Produces matte finish with no stock removal.  Can be used as carrier of chemical accelerants or loose abrasive.


Steel tumbling media is an extremely effective solution for a variety of materials and applications. It is manufactured in a varied selection of shapes, sizes and alloys to meet a wide range of needs.


Ball media manufactured to ABMA standards delivers high polished services free from visual defects or irregularities.


Balcones offer aggressive angles while maintaining contact consistently close to rounds and offering the burnishing action of cones.  Balcones deliver excellent piece uniformity and highly polished surfaces.


Ovalballs offer even more surface to surface contact than balls.  They perform best in vibratory and tumbling processes where the oscillating motion helps impart a scratch and dimple free surface.


Diagonals are well suited for finishing objects with hard to reach spaces or odd shapes.

Forged Steel Balls

Forged steel balls are used in heavy grinding, these balls offer extreme ruggedness and maximum longevity to ensure consistent cost efficiency.

Stainless or Carbon Steel? 

Stainless steel balls are divided into three big families:
  • Austenitic grades (stainless steel balls) are commonly in use for stainless steel application and are widely known as 300 series. They are the most corrosion resistant of the stainless steel grades. They are recommended when there is a food contact. They have a good resistance to water, oil, steam, alcohol, organic chemicals, oxidant solutions and a relative resistance to sulphuric acid compounds. They are not or lightly Ferro-magnetic. They are not hardened.
  • Martensitic grades (stainless steel balls) are corrosion resistant and have higher hardness. These grades are Ferro-magnetic. They can be used in water, oil, steam, alcohol. They are mainly used where hardness, strength and wear resistance are required.
  • Ferritic grades resist to corrosion and oxidation, and are resistant to stress corrosion cracking. These steels are Ferro-magnetic but cannot be hardened or strengthened by heat treatment. They are more corrosive resistant than the Martensitic grades, but inferior to the austenitic grades.
Carbon steel balls come in two main varieties:
  • Low carbon steel balls also called case hardened carbon provide substantial savings for applications where moderate loads and low speed are requested. Typical applications include: bearings, castors, conveyors, bicycles…
  • High carbon steel balls is through hardened and can be used for higher loads. It is a good alternative to chrome balls.


Crushed corn cob media are made from the woody ring portion of the corn cob.  This portion of the cob is separated, dried, ground, air-cleaned, and then classified over screens of various mesh sizes.  They are available in granules ranging from 1/4” to a fine powder.

Corn cob media are commonly used in the metal finishing industry.  Metal stampings, molded plastics, and die castings lend themselves to deburring, deflashing, burnishing and polishing in corn cob.  It can also be used as a drying media in vibratory and rotary dryers.

Common applications of corn cob media also include:

  • Cleaning motors, generators, and heavy equipment
  • Cleaning insulators and transformers
  • Removal of manufacturing soils from the ceiling of industrial facilities
  • Cleaning pipes and pumps in processing plants
  • Cleaning and paint preparation of buildings
  • Cleaning timbers in log homes prior to sealing
  • Cleaning boat hulls

Crushed corn cob is also ideal for pressure blasting, due to its mild abrasiveness, absorbency, and resilience to attrition.  Advantages of using corn cobs for blasting include the elimination of masking, elimination of solvents and pollution concerns, non-sparking and non-toxic operation, non-silica content, and the fact that it is organic and biodegradable.