Steel Shot & Steel Grit: Power for the toughest jobs

blasting media
AMASTEEL Shot & Grit have greater mass and  density compared to other blasting media.  They deliver more power to the surface, improving  cleaning rates and lowering consumption costs.

AMASTEEL Shot & Grit are produced with precise control of their microstructure to deliver maximum durability and impact energy transfer.




blasting mediaLess Material + Less Disposal = More Green + More $Green

AMASTEEL Shot & Grit exceed the life of aluminum oxide, glass beads, mineral abrasives, garnet or slag by nearly 1000 to 1.  They are non-hazardous and contaminant free as received. During use they produce no free silica and metal dust is minimal, allowing for a virtually dust-free blasting environment.




AMASTEEL Shot & Grit can be produced with four hardness ranges that will fit most every blasting and peening application.  They can also be certified to meet most of today’s standard specifications including Military, Aerospace and Automotive specifications.


‘S’ hardness = 40-51 Rockwell ‘C’                                     ‘M’ hardness = 47-56 Rockwell ‘C’

  ‘L’ hardness = 54-61 Rockwell ‘C’                                     ‘H’ hardness = 60 min. Rockwell ‘C’


Typical Chemical Analysis

Carbon Manganese .80 – 1.2%

S-70 – S-110 0.35 – 1.2%

S-170 0.50 – 1.2%

S-230 & Larger 0.60 – 1.2%

All Grits 0.60 – 1.2%

Silicon 0.40% minimum

Sulfur 0.05% maximum

Phosphorous 0.50% maximum


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