soda blastingSodium Bicarbonate Media are baking soda based abrasives for the cleaning and removal of tough coatings and contaminants.  They work easily and effectively without disturbing the base material.

Sodium Bicarbonate Media are used on-site in portable equipment for large projects as well as in contained systems such as glove box cabinets, modular units or blast rooms with dust control.

Common applications include aerospace production, car restoration, food processing, petrochemical processing and  pulp and paper production.


Heavy Coating Removal


Formula                                                                                 Grit / Micron

Maintenance XL

General Purpose surface coatings removal                            70 / 270


Maint. XL w/SupraKleen

Coatings removal for new coating                                           70 / 270


Flow XL

High humidity environments or poor quality air supply           70 / 270


Profile XL

Steel / hard surface rust or anchor pattern required             70 / 270

Light Coating Removal


Formula                                                                                  Grit / Micron


Gen. purpose, fire and mold restoration for wood framing     100 / 170


Flow M

High humidity environments or poor quality air supply           100 / 170

Specialty Formulas


Formula                                                                                   Grit / Micron

Hydroflex XL

Heavy duty cleaning, carbon, grease and oil removal,             70 / 270

Animal, vegetable or petrochemical



For use on sensitive, thin or composite materials with thin       220/70

coatings, or for use in microblasting equipment


Electronics P

For use through microblasting equipment on electronic          220 / 70

components  or on medical devices. Containing no flow

aid and packaged in a Mylar bag and carton with desiccant


Anilox Roll Cleaning

For use in automated or semi-automated equipment              220 / 70

for thorough cleaning of laser engraved printing rolls

with high density cell counts


Turbine Formula

Coatings removal on metals (aluminum) leaving                    220 / 70

a brushed surface & heavy carbon deposit removal


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