silicon carbide powderBlack Silicon Carbide powders and grains (SiC) are manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet all of our customer’s needs. Black Silicon Carbide, also known as carborundum, is ideal for a wide variety of applications including vitrified and resinoid grinding wheels, friction, blasting, compounds, lapping, polishing, non-slip, wiresawing silicon and quartz, and many more.

Black Silicon Carbide (SiC) is an extremely hard (Mohs 9.1 / 2550 Knoop) man made mineral that possesses high thermal conductivity and high strength at elevated temperatures (at 1000°C, SiC is 7.5 times stronger than Al2O3). SiC has a modulus of elasticity of 410 GPa, with no decrease in strength up to 1600°C, and it does not melt at normal pressures but instead dissociates at 2600°C.

silicon carbide powderTypical Chemical Analysis

SiC      97.7%

SiO2    0.7%

Si         0.8%

C          0.3%

Al         0.3%

Fe        0.2%


Typical Physical Properties

Color:                       Black

Hardness:                2550 Knoop; Mohs 9.1

Melting Point:           Sublimes at 4712°F (2600°C)

Particle Shape:         Blocky or angular with sharp edges


Available Split Sizes

46/70, 54/70, 60/90, 100/120, 120/220, 150/220, 180/240, 800/F


Available Single Grit Sizes

Macro: 8 grit thru 240 grit (ANSI); P12 thru P220 (FEPA)

Micro: F280 grit thru F1200 grit (FEPA); P240 thru P3000 (FEPA)

Other sizes available upon request


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