The Science of Shot Peeningalmen testing

No operation is precise or scientific if it can’t be measured.  In peening processes, intensity is measured using precisely made steel test strips (Almen Strips) and a gage to check how much the strip deforms when it is peened.

As one side of the strip is bombarded by peening media, the resulting compressive stress on that side causes it to curve into an arc.  Measurement of that arc will reveal if the peening process is set up correctly to match the specs of the job.


Almen Stripsalmen testing

Almen strips are most commonly manufactured in three thicknesses, A, N and C types.  They are  further separated by class and tolerance for straightness for use in different job applications.  A&B Deburring offers a comprehensive selection of Almen strips to meet most common and specialized specifications

almen testing


We ship our Almen strips worldwide for use in a number of exacting industries, including aerospace manufacture and maintenance.






Test Gages by EI Electronics, Inc.


Model TSP-3 Almen Gagealmen testing

Precision crafted in the USA and available with all the features needed to satisfy the most stringent specifications. Every detail has been optimized for the utmost in performance and convenience. Starting with the certified accurate construction, the gage is designed to give many years of trouble-free, reliable service.  MORE INFO…







almen testing

The #2 Almen Gage Jr.

The #2 Almen Gage Jr. is an analog style that’s ideal for general purpose shot peening and blast cleaning where digital accuracy is not a requirement.  MORE INFO…








almen testing
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