Refurbished and Pre-Owned Sweco MIlls


A&B Deburring coordinates the relining and refurbishment operations for SWECO finishing mills in North America.


SWECO Relines feature polyurethane linings that have been degassed, hot poured and hot cured. Only with this method can we be assured the most wear resistant lining is being provided. Unlike many other reliners, SWECO applies no color pigments to mask air bubbles and other imperfections that can lead to premature lining failure.



 Reline Features & Benefits

  •   2-year warranty on all polyurethane lined chambers
•   2-year warranty on all polyurethane lined chambers
•   SWECO Relines have a 95 durometer rating
•   All Relines come standard with new drain grid, discharge door and new spring       spools
•   Minor structural repairs done at no charge
•   Removed polyurethane liners are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly       manner
•   Tank can be painted to customer exacting color upon request




In addition to relining your bowl, keep in mind that A&B Deburring  can also recondition your entire machine to make it look and run like new. To learn more about relining and reconditioning your Finishing Mill today, contact us today!



Pre-owned and refurbished SWECO Mills for sale

Please see our used Used Equipment page for a partial inventory of pre-owned and refurbished mills currently available.



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