A&B Deburring offers a variety of compounds for specific uses in your parts finishing and washing process:

  • Degreasers
  • Cleaners
  • Ultrasonic cleaning solutions
  • Rust Inhibitors
  • Rinse agents


Abrasive Deburring Compounds (100 Series)


TR100 – A heavy duty powdered deburring compound combining an alkaline cleaner and medium-siaed aluminum oxide abrasive.  Typically utilized for removing large burrs or reducing time cycles.  Excellent for part-on-part processing and restoring cut to ceramic media.  For use on hard metals only.



Cleaning Compounds (200 Series)


TR200 – A concentrated, powdered alkaline cleaner for removing large quantities of crude or protein oils, lubricant residue, buffing compounds or marking paints.  Excellent degreasing and rust inhibiting qualities.  For use on hard metals only.


TR207L – Liquid alkaline cleaner with moderate foam designed to remove excess quantities of crude or protein oils from hard metal parts.  Excellent emulsification properties make this compound very effective in submersion-style aqueous washers.


TR210L – Moderate pH liquid cleaner with containing a fair amount of detergent.  Primarily used on aluminum and other soft metals.  Quick emulsification of surface oils and high luster on metal parts make this a versatile compound.


Tcleaning solutionsR211L – A general purpose moderate-alkalinity cleaner.


TR213L – A highly active alkaline cleaner  for heavy oils and contaminants.


TR220L – General purpose high-alkaline cleaner (Competitively priced).


TR245 – An alkaline cleaner that can handle large amounts of oils.  Buffered for soft metals.


TR246L – Highly active aluminum cleaner for excessive oils and contaminants.


TR246LEP – Extra protection added to TR246L to prevent white metal corrosion.


TR285L – General purpose  ultrasonic cleaning compound for hard and soft metals.


TR287LLF – Vibratory finishing compound for use on soft metals with plastic media.



Burnishing Compounds (300 Series)


AFTPP – Cob polishing paste.


SWECO#1 – Premium burnishing compound & neutralizer for TR400 (Also see  equivalent TR300).


C236 – Premium burnishing compound for steel and stainless media.


TR300 – Concentrated powdered burnishing compound to be used with ceramic medias to provide excellent cushioning to minimize part impingement.  Produces deep, lustrous color on all metals.  Also used to neutralize descale operations.  (Neutralizes TR400.  Also see equivalent SWECO#1).


TR300L – Liquid cleaning and burnishing compound for ceramic media applications.


TR306L – Premium citric burnishing compound fortified with a high level of detergents.  Designed to remove oils and contaminants from soft metals and produce lustrous color.  Especially effective on die-cast aluminum parts.  Maintains steel burnishing media in highly reflective, bright condition. Use TR630L for weekend and long term storage of steel media.


TR308L – Premium burnishing compound fortified with high levels of citric acid and moderate detergent designed for use with brass, copper, and stainless steel.  Effective at quickly removing contaminants and bleaching soft metal parts.  Maintains steel burnishing media in highly reflective, bright condition. Use TR630L for weekend and long-term storage of steel media.


TR500L – Burnishing compound for soft metals and ceramic media.


Descale Compounds (400 Series)


TR400 – Non-abrasive acidic organic powder used to remove scale and burrs, yet maintaining part luster.  Effective on rust, scale, and discoloration on hard metals.  Extremely effective on heat-treat scale and laser recast burrs.


TR405L – Heavy-duty low foaming liquid descale compound for removing tarnish and scale from brass, copper, and aluminum.  Liquid compounds provide complete solubility and faster activity.


Rust / Corrosion Inhibitors (600 Series)


TR610L – Inexpensive sodium nitrite-based compound for corrosion protection on ferrous metals.  Formulated with detergents to reduce surface tensions and enhance coverage.  Effective at concentrations of 7-20%.


TR630L – Premium synthetic inhibiting compound formulated with moderate detergents and borax to provide protection for in-process handling or long-term storage.  Protection time depends upon dilution ratio and environmental conditions.  Typical concentrations range from 5% to 20%.  Detergent component improves life in dip tank applications.  Often utilized for weekend or long-term storage of carbon steel finishing medias.


TR630LEP – A synthetic HIGHLY ACTIVE liquid rust inhibitor used in conjunction with a cleaning system to provide corrosion free state during storage or between processing steps. It is highly recommended for inhibiting subsequent to powdered metal processing and other similar type operations where rust protection is immediately required or desired for extended periods of time.


Rinse Agents (700 Series)


TR700L – A unique detergent compound designed to provide corrosion protection and at the same time impart a rinse free surface to the part.




77046AB – Premier #59 anti-foam agent.






Contact our sales staff for more information on which product will work best for your process.