Respirator Systems


Apollo 20 HP & LP Supplied Air RespiratorClemco sandblasting equipment

Our most economical respirator delivers lots of value. The Apollo 20 is a single-shell construction helmet supported by an adjustable suspension. The Apollo 20 comes standard with DLX comfort-fit suspension. The DLX suspension surrounds the operator’s head with comfortable padding.



Apollo 60 HP & LP Supplied Air Respirator SystemClemco sandblasting equipment

The blast industries most popular and comfortable respirator, the Apollo 60 features double-shell construction, sound-deadening foam and a large window.  The Apollo 60 is NIOSH approved and protects against lead dust at concentrations 1000 times greater than the permissible exposure limit.  Available for use with compressed air (HP model) or air pump (LP model).


Apollo 600 HP & LP Supplied Air Respirator SystemClemco sandblasting equipment

The Clemco Apollo Series Supplied-Air Respirators are hallmarks of safety, comfort and performance.  Recognizable by their bright red-orange color, Apollo 600 Respirators are easily visible on the job site.  Their wide-span window offers the wearer a commanding view of the work surface and broad-scope peripheral vision.


ACV Air Control ValveClemco sandblasting equipment

The Clemco air control valve (ACV) allows the blast operator to control the volume of air to the Clemco high-pressure Type CE, continuous flow, air-fed respirator within a preset range of 7 to 15 cfm.



CPF 20 and CPF 80 Air FiltersClemco sandblasting equipment

Clemco’s CPF in-line air filters remove moisture, oil, and dirt particles from compressed air before it reaches your respirator. Multi-stage filtration system includes activated charcoal to eliminate odors and improve the “taste” of your breathing air. Available for one to four air lines; used with High Pressure (HP)  Model respirators.

NOTE: CPF filters do not remove CO or convert CO to CO2, or remove other toxic gases.

CAP-1 and Cap-4  Ambient Air PumpsClemco sandblasting equipment

The Apollo Ambient Air Pumps convey breathing air from a clean environment outside the work area to a low-pressure type CE supplied-air respirator worn by an operator inside the blast environment or work zone. The oil-less pumps move the air from a clean-air environment to the respirator without introducing oil, carbon monoxide, or other contaminants



Communications Systems


Apollo WiComm-50 & WiComm Pro Communication SetsClemco sandblasting equipment

STOP SHOUTING! The Apollo Wireless Communication System allows two-way communication between the blast operator and supervisor.  Once considered a luxury, these rugged radios will prove their worth by saving you time and money.

Blast Suits & Gloves

Traditional Heavy-Duty Blast SuitsClemco sandblasting equipment

The Clemco heavy-duty blast suit and gauntlet style leather gloves protect the blast operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive.  Heavy cotton fabric on the back of the suit allows air to circulate, while the fronts of the arms and legs are protected by leather panels.


Seasonal Light Duty Blast SuitClemco sandblasting equipment

The Clemco light duty blast suit protects the operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive.  The suit is a cost effective alternative to a heavy-duty suit for intermittent or short-term blasting and for non-blast personnel working at the blast site.


Comfort VestClemco sandblasting equipment

The Clemco Comfort Vest is a lightweight, one-size-fits-most personal protective garment for warming or cooling industrial workers exposed to stressful hot and cold environments indoors or out.

Directional air jets located on chest and back panels emit generous air streams to the upper back and chest areas offering upper body cooling or warming, depending upon the air conditioning device chosen.


Carbon Monoxide Warning Systems

 Clemco sandblasting equipment
CMS-1 Carbon Monoxide Monitor/Alarm

The CMS-1 is a wall-mountable carbon monoxide monitor and alarm for a respirator air supply.  If CO exceeds 10 ppm, it triggers a warning light and a high decibel audible alarm.


CMS-2 Carbon Monoxide Monitor/AlarmClemco sandblasting equipment

The CMS-2 is a field portable carbon monoxide monitor and alarm for a respirator air supply.  If CO exceeds 10 ppm, it triggers a warning light and a high-decibel audible alarm.  the rugged case with comfortable carry handle protects the monitor from minor impacts.  It is used by blasting and painting contractors for field operations.


The CMS-3 Carbon Monoxide Monitor/AlarmClemco sandblasting equipment

The CMS-3 monitor fits inside the repirator helmet and detects carbon monoxide in the breathing air supply.  It triggers audible, visual and vibratory alarms when CO is detected in concentrations at or above 10 ppm.




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