Abrasive blasting and cleaning processes play a crucial role in the military industry for various applications such as maintenance, refurbishment, and preparation of military equipment. These processes are employed to remove coatings, corrosion, and other contaminants from surfaces, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and appearance of military hardware.

Here are some common abrasive blasting and cleaning methods used in the military industry:
  • Abrasive blasting is a widely used technique to remove coatings, rust, etc., and prepare surfaces for coating
  • Shot blasting is also used to remove contaminants and create a textured finish
  • Dry ice blasting is used for cleaning sensitive electronic components, aircraft surfaces, and other delicate military equipment
  • Alkaline cleaning systems are used to remove corrosion and loosen contaminants on surfaces of various components, especially those that are sensitive to abrasive methods

These abrasive blasting and cleaning processes are essential for maintaining military equipment, ensuring longevity, reliability, and optimal performance in various operational environments. Additionally, they contribute to the overall maintenance and readiness of military assets.