Centrifugal Disk Finishing


Compared to vibratory finishing systems, centrifugal disc machines offer up to 10 times higher grinding performance.  Centrifugal disc machines are specially suited for removal of strong burrs and intensive radiusing of small and mid-size parts.

Walther Trowal manufactures some of the best systems available for centrifugal finishing processes.



centrifugal finishing


The double batch system minimizes cost-intensive downtimes and is perfectly suited for automation. As an option, a Tandem version is available.




centrifugal finishingTT…SM

SM machines are pivoting TT systems with flanged-on screening machine and integrated media hopper.





centrifugal finishingTT…B

Mainly suited for manual operation, however, when appropriate peripheral equipment is provided, semi-automation is possible.




Mini-Barrel / Rotating Barrel




centrifugal finishingMini Barrel E5

 The mini barrel E 5 frequently can offer optimal solutions for fine deburring and grinding problems, especially for small precision machined and optical parts.




Rotating barrels

centrifugal finishing
 Rotating barrels generate an extremely gentle finishing process with an even surface finish and finely radiused edges.





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