High energy finishing refers to equipment that imparts much greater force on the part than traditional vibratory finishing methods. This results in much shorter time cycles and achieves finishes that are not possible with traditional methods. High energy finishing can be used for many different applications, from aggressive deburring to finishes requiring low Ra surfaces.

Centrifugal Barrel

Centrifugal Barrel finishing machines feature four chambers that rotate around like a ferris wheel to create centrifugal force to finish and polish parts. They are the fastest and most economical form of tumble finishing equipment available. A wide range of industries utlilize these tumblers to polish, deburr, and deflash a variety of metal and non-metal components. From aerospace jet engine blades to medical implants, our HZ-Series machines are a versatile and reliable solution for achieving a cost-effective finishing result. They are commonly used to remove significant burrs from stamped parts, refine surfaces of additive manufactured parts, and achieve a mirror-like isotropic finish on medical implant parts.

Centrifugal Disc Finishers

These feature a stationary barrel with a spinning disc at the base. The spinning disc
causes the media and parts to move upward and rub against the stationary polyurethane wall of the barrel, creating a toroidal action. Parts and media contact each other in random or isotropic directions. The resulting finish is consistent across the entire surface of the part. These machines are especially useful in high volume applications that require the additional effectiveness of a high energy machine, but with less operator involvement.

High Frequency Finishers

The finishers are designed for high value parts that have very critical finishing requirements. Unlike standard vibratory finishers that rely on amplitude and feed to create a rolling action, high frequency finishers generate a unique process that uses less amplitude, more frequency and a lapping style action. The result is complete part coverage, repeatability, fine polish, superior surface refinement and no part impingement, as parts are fixtured within the work chamber. With this gentler process, high frequency finishers are ideal for smoothing high value or sensitive parts.



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