Cleaning and abrasive blasting processes play a crucial role in the foodservice equipment industry to ensure that equipment meets hygiene and safety standards.  Manufacturers of foodservice equipment must meet critical requirements to produce high-quality and aesthetically pleasing finishes on the equipment that they produce.

Typical applications tailored to the foodservice industry include:
  • Conveyor based or immersion cleaning systems to remove manufacturing residues and organic contaminants
  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems for difficult to clean components
  • Glass bead blasting systems to clean and provide uniform finishes on stainless steel
  • Baking soda blast systems to clean surfaces or remove coatings

All cleaning and blasting processes must be compatible with the materials used in foodservice equipment to prevent damage or contamination.  The processes must adhere to strict hygiene standards to prevent the introduction of contaminants into the foodservice environment.  By incorporating effective cleaning and abrasive blasting processes, the foodservice equipment industry can maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring the safety of the food prepared using this equipment.