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Industrial blast and peening equipment ranges from huge, purpose-built blast containment rooms to single station glove cabinets and related support equipment.  A&B Deburring can help analyze your production needs and plan the best system and facility improvements to get the job done precisely, economically and efficiently.


 The Right Shop

A & B Deburring offers a complete job-shop facility for mass finishing parts in house.

Sweco Finishing Mills & Parts

A & B Deburring Co. is the exclusive North American distributor for Sweco Finishing Mills. We also coordinate the relining and refurbishment processes for Sweco on existing equipment.

Sweco pioneered round bowl vibratory finishing over forty years ago and continues to serve its customers worldwide with the latest technology and top quality equipment.  They maintain a global network of the most knowledgeable representatives to provide the finest possible service to their customers no matter where they may be.

Equipment Types


  • SWECO Vibratory Finishing Mills
  • Giant Vibratory Bowls


  • Centrifugal Disk Finishing
  • Centrifugal Barrel Finishing


Corn cob dryers provided a compact, economical and rapid way to dry wet parts.   To enhance the process, the corn cob media and parts are heated by a liquid recirculating system.  The heating liquid is contained within jackets that lie along the path of the parts and media as they tumble through the machine.


A & B Flocculent Recycling and Treatment System   A & B Deburring’s Effluent Recycling System offers a simple and cost-effective way to separate and dispose of the waste created during vibratory finishing processes that use liquid compounds.
  A clay-based material causes sludge and waste in the liquid compound to “floc”, or, clump together, allowing it to be separated and removed  from the liquid.  The clean liquid can then be recycled.
Flocculent System Fact Sheet
This reduces the amount of compound needed and shortens processing times by keeping the surface of the tumbling media clear of glazed buildup that can reduce its effectiveness.


A+B Deburring offers a complete line of parts washing equipment. We will review your needs and manufacturing process to determine the best equipment for your washing and production needs.

We can provide anything from a stand alone cell washer to a fully integrated cleaning system. We offer a full line of cleaning chemistry including alkaline cleaners, detergents, rinse agents, and rust inhibitors, allowing us to offer a turn-key package with guaranteed results.


Looking for a more cost-effective equipment option? Check out our used and refurbished equipment below.


Take a look at some of the things our customers have to say about our products and services.

  • Sam Chaise
    We had a problem, we were running behind on a project and we needed extra capacity to hit our deadline. A+B Deburring stepped in and took up the slack and helped us finish before our deadline. They were quick and efficient, and the parts looked as good or better than if we had finished them ourselves!
    Sam Chaise
    Chaise Manufacturing
  • Mark Anderson
    A+B Deburring helped us as a startup business to decide what finish we needed for our parts and helped us select what equipment we needed to achieve it. They were with us every step of the way, from evaluation to installation, from training to service and supplies.
    Mark Anderson
    AR Parts
  • Todd Sand
    A+B Deburring offers superior service and an eye for detail. They deburred and polished our parts to the an exact specification and did it quickly and for a great price.
    Todd Sand
    Auto Parts Inc.


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