Precise Surface Finishing Solutions 
Chemically accelerated metal finishing (CAMF), is a specialized surface finishing process used to greatly improve the surface quality of metal components.

CAMF processes create a uniform, consistent surface finish in all directions, regardless of the original surface texture.  This process is also known as isotropic finishing, super finishing, and accelerated metal finishing.

The primary goal of chemically accelerated metal finishing is to enhance the performance and lifespan of metal parts by improving their surface characteristics. This process is particularly important in applications where friction, wear, and fatigue are critical factors. CAMF metal finishing can be applied to various types of metals, including steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.


  • Mechanism: Chemically accelerated metal finishing involves the controlled removal of a very thin layer of material from the surface of the metal component. This is usually achieved through mechanical means, such as abrasive particles suspended in a finishing fluid.
  • Subtractive Process: Unlike some other surface treatments that deposit coatings onto the metal, chemically accelerated metal finishing is a subtractive process that removes a small amount of material. This process helps to eliminate surface imperfections, microscopic burrs, and other irregularities.
  • Uniformity: The key feature of the process is to creates a uniform and consistent surface finish in all directions. This is in contrast to traditional machining or grinding processes that can introduce directional patterns or irregularities.
  • Surface Enhancement: The process improves the surface roughness, reducing friction, and improving wear resistance. It can also increase the fatigue strength of the metal, which is crucial for components subject to cyclic loading.
  • Benefits: Chemically accelerated metal finishing can lead to several benefits, including extended component life, reduced maintenance requirements, improved energy efficiency (due to reduced friction), and enhanced product performance.
  • Applications: This process finds applications in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, precision machinery, and more, where high-quality surfaces are essential for optimal performance.
  • Environmental Considerations: Chemically accelerated metal finishing is often considered more environmentally friendly compared to some other surface treatments that involve chemical coatings or processes.

A&B Deburring is a provider of the following Chemically Accelerated Metal Finishing solutions:

  • Equipment - Complete process set up at your facility 
  • Chemistry and metal finishing media
  • In-house job-shop services
  • Sample processing