Blasting & Shot Peening Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Industrial blast and peening equipment ranges from huge, purpose-built blast containment rooms to single station glove cabinets and related support equipment.  A&B Deburring can help analyze your production needs and plan the best system and facility improvements to get the job done precisely, economically and efficiently.

Contractor Equipment

Clemco Industries produces portable blast machines in a variety of sizes to match your worksite needs.

The Clemco product line includes standard blast machines ranging in size from 0.5 cuft to 160 cuft, blast nozzles, couplings, hose, blast respirators, operator safety and comfort systems, and specialty blast tools.

Custom Built Blast & Peening  Systems

A&B Deburring Co. can design and build an automated system tailored to your specific needs and requirements.  Contact us to discuss how a purpose-built system can increase your productivity and lower cost per finished unit.

Airless Blast Equipment

Airless Blasting is a very economical option for many blasting, cleaning and peening operations.  The blast media is flung at the workpiece by a high-speed, motor-driven impeller wheel rather than a pneumatic system.

Dust Collection

CDF dust collectors ventilate blast room enclosures, providing room air changes for visibility and engineered solutions for controlling respiratory protection exposure limits to dust.

Shot Peening Equipment

Clemco’s Zero line of products includes the components needed for precision peening.

Shot Peening Accessories

No operation is precise or scientific if it can’t be measured.  In peening processes, intensity is measured using precisely made steel test strips (Almen Strips) and a gage to check how much the strip deforms when it is peened.

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