Surface preparation is a critical step in the automotive industry to ensure the proper adhesion of coatings, such as paint and primer, to vehicle surfaces. The quality of surface preparation directly influences the durability and appearance of the final finish.  Surface preparation can also include the removal of burrs and sharp edges to ensure proper fit and function, as well as the safety of personnel responsible for the assembly of automotive components.

Typical applications tailored to the automotive industry include:
  • Alkaline cleaning used to remove dirt, grime, and organic contaminants
  • Abrasive blasting to clean and provide a uniform surface profile prior to coating
  • Abrasive blasting to strip and rework non-conforming parts
  • Vibratory finishing to remove burrs and sharp edges
  • Shot peening to improve material strength and service life
Proper surface preparation is crucial to achieving a high-quality and long-lasting automotive finish.

It helps in preventing issues such as peeling, flaking, and corrosion, and contributes to the overall appearance and performance of the vehicle's coating system.

Located in the Midwest, A&B Deburring Co. is very familiar with the challenges faced by automotive suppliers in providing quality parts and finishes to this industry.  Every day, we process parts in our plant or ship parts and blast media to companies that operate in this industry.