Abrasive Blasting

Sandblasting, media blasting, blasting cabinet

Metal Finishing Experts:

A&B Deburring Company has been selling, installing, and servicing blast cleaning equipment for more than forty years. We offer a full line of equipment, including:

      • Manual blast cabinets
      • Portable contractor blast machines
      • Throwing wheel equipment
      • Tumble blast cabinets
      • Blast room facilities
      • Automatic blast equipment
      • Robotic blast equipment
      • Sodium bicarbonate systems
      • Wet blast systems
      • Respirator & operator safety equipment
      • Dust collection equipment

Mediamedia blasting

In addition to blast equipment, we also distribute the blast media that your operations require. Stock items include:

      • Glassbead & crushed glass
      • Aluminum oxide
      • Plastic blast media
      • Steel shot & grit
      • Silicon carbide
      • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
      • Crushed corn cob
      • Walnut shell
      • Coal slag

Take advantage of our complimentary sample processing and process development capabilities to achieve a cost-effective surface preparation for your application.

Shot Peeningsandblasting equipment

A&B Deburring Company is well versed in the art of shot peening. Our professionals are continuously educated through industry periodicals and workshops.

almen testingWe offer:

      • Automatic shot peening equipment
      • Almen gauges
      • Test blocks
      • Almen test strips
      • Sieve screeners
      • Mil-spec shot
      • Urethane part fixtures

We have worked with many manufacturers to optimize their shot peening operations and we can do the same for your company!

More Info? Contact Us at equipment@abdeburr.com